SCOP++ is designed for interpolation, management, application and visualization of digital terrain data. Computations are performed in the background by algorithmic servers. These are in most cases the modules of SCOP 3.5, standing for high quality of interpolation and for processing huge amounts of DTM data.

SCOP++ is an object oriented (C++), integrated program system with a central graphical user interface including the main graphics panel. For users, a major advancement is the integrated logic to handle user interactions and to supervise processing. SCOP++ is available for desktop computers.

SCOP(++) has been developed and continuously improved over the last 30 years in cooperation of Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (I.P.F.), Vienna, and INPHO GmbH, Stuttgart.

Functionality of SCOP++ is subdivided into a Kernel, and into three packages of additional functionality.

SCOP Kernel

  • DTM interpolation with filtering (using linear prediction) or without filtering (using triangulation)
  • Pre-processing: data densification within areas without data (for extreme variations in data density)
  • Overlaying DTMs (eg elevations, soil quality, slope, different epochs, and the similar)
  • Integrated raster and vector graphics
  • Overlaying transparent raster graphics (eg orthophoto with hillshading)
  • Editing data supported by the integrated graphics, with automatic updates of the DTM
  • Derivation of contour lines (isolines) with cartographic quality
  • Basic Profiling
  • Z-coding (color-coded height views)
  • Hillshading
  • Basic image processing
  • Maps of distances to the nearest data point
  • Batch processing mode
  • Interpolation of height values for 2D-data
  • DBMS based or file based processing
Geographic data depicted as blue lines, gray grid dots and yellow crosses


geographic data plot with contour lines in green and red


geographic data plot with hill shading


geographic data plot with height coding

Height coding

geographic data plot with contour lines, hill shading and height coding


ground view and simple profiling view of a geographic situation

Basic profiling

  • Supported import/export formats for terrain data: SCOP Winput, Binary SCOP Winput, XYZ, Binary XYZ, AutoCAD DXF, ArcInfo Generate, LAS, Kotenband, CSV
  • Supported import formats for DTMs: SCOP RDH, ArcInfo ASCII Grid, Raw Binary, TIFF, USGS DEM, USGS SDTS, SRTM
  • Supported export formats for DTMs: SCOP RDH, SCOP Winput, Binary SCOP Winput, XYZ, Binary XYZ, XYZ-Slope, Raw Binary, AutoCAD DXF, VRML, STL, DTED, DGM-Band
  • Supported image formats: SCOP PIX, (Geo)TIFF, JPEG
  • Supported vector formats: SCOP ZWIFI, HPGL, AutoCAD DXF
  • Combined output of vector/raster graphics as PDF