Department group picture at the 2021 retreat in Ottenstein

GEO department retreat 2021 in Ottenstein

Spot the CLIMERS!

CLIMERS online meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown

CLIMERS during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns

From left to right: Wouter Dorigo, Laura Crocetti, Benjamin Wild, and Wolfgang Preimesberger (first row); Ruxandra Zotta, Luca Zappa, Stefan Schlaffer, and Irene Himmelbauer (second row); Adam Pasik, Daniel Aberer, Ivana Petrakovic, and Tichaona Mukunga (third row); and Tracy Scanlon, Leander Mösinger, Carina Bracher, and Lukas Schremmer (last row).

CLIMERS group picture in November 2018

CLIMERS team in November 2018

From left to right: Angelika Xaver, Alexandra van Beringe, Irene Teubner, Carina Brachner, Wolfgang Preimesberger, Leander Mösinger, Daniel Chung, Tracy Scanlon, unknown face, Laura Crocetti, Wouter Dorigo, Daniel Aberer, Lua Zappa, Matthias Forkel, and Irene Himmelbauer.

CLIMERS group picture in May 2018

CLIMERS team in May 2017

From left to right: Christoph Paulik, Wolfgang Preimesberger, Wouter Dorigo, Matthias Forkel, Alexander Gruber, Romina Messner, Irene Teubner, Angelika Xaver, Elsa Heer, and Daniel Chung.