We are happy to announce that, as of December 2022, operations of the ISMN have been transferred to the German Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde (bfg), opens an external URL in a new window. After hosting the ISMN for over 10 years, CLIMERS will continue to collaborate with ISMN@bfg.

The International Soil Moisture Network is an unique international cooperation to establish and maintain a  harmonized, quality controlled global in-situ soil moisture database with long time series, global distributed stations, making data open and freely available worldwide. 

Flow chart of the ISMN project

Project goals

This database is an essential means for validating and improving global satellite soil moisture products, land surface -, climate- , and hydrological models and is therefore building a stable base to assist EO services.


ESA QA4EO, opens an external URL in a new window (Quality Assurance for Earth Observation)


Continuous operation of the ISMN
Maintaining the database, website and data viewer
Addition of new networks and data updates
User and provider support 
Scientific development of the quality control module

CLIMERS staff involved

Wouter Dorigo 
Irene Himmelbauer 
Daniel Aberer
Lukas Schremmer 
Ivana Petrakovic

Project URL

https://ismn.earth, opens an external URL in a new window