World maps of different satellite data sets


Datasets developed in the CLIMERS group

At CLIMERS, we develop both scientific and operational water and vegetation data sets that are widely used by the scientific community and beyond. These data sets are being used, for example, in the annual "State of the Climate", opens an external URL in a new window assessments of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, opens an external URL in a new window. All data sets are free to use and aimed at fostering FAIR research, opens an external URL in a new window. Find out more below.


C3S Soil Moisture

Spatial image of C3S Soil Moisture data

Description: Based on the processing algorithm of the ESA CCI SM, the C3S data products (PASSIVE, ACTIVE, COMBINED) are extended in near real time (NRT) every 10 days.

Coverage: Global; 1978 - NRT

Resolution: 0.25 degree; daily, decadal (10-daily), monthly

Current version: v202012

More information:  CLIMERS project page


World map of ISMN data

Description: A harmonized and quality-controlled global in situ soil moisture database, operational since 2010 and constantly updated and extended in space and time.

Data: Soil moisture and seven additional variables (precipitation, temperature, etc.) from the upper soil layer until two metres of depth, and land surface information (land cover, climate class, soil texture, etc.).

Coverage: Global; 1952 until the present (many stations updated in near real time)

More informationCLIMERS project page, opens an external URL in a new window

As of December 2022, operations of the ISMN have been taken over by the International Centre for Water Resources and Global Change (ICWRGC), opens an external URL in a new window of the German Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG), opens an external URL in a new window.


World map of VODCA data

Description: Vegetation Optical Depth describes the attenuation of radiation by plants. VOD is a function of frequency as well as vegetation water content, and by extension biomass. VOD has many possible applications in studies of the biosphere, such as biomass monitoring, drought monitoring, phenology analyzes or fire risk management.

Coverage: Global; 2002-2018 (C-band), 1997-2018 (X-band), 1987-2017 (Ku-band) 

Resolution:  0.25 degree; daily.

Current version: v1.0

More informationVODCA on, opens an external URL in a new window


Wolrd map of GPP data

Description: Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) describes the amount of carbohydrates that is produced by vegetation's synthesis of CO2 and is therefore crucial in the assessment of the global carbon cycle. VODCA2GPP represents the first microwave remote sensing derived GPP dataset.

Coverage: Global, 1988-2020 

Resolution: 0.25 degree, 8-daily

Current version: 1.0

More information: Dataset publication (Wild et al. 2021, opens an external URL in a new window)

Global Root Zone Soil Moisture

G3P project data viewer

Description: An error-characterized gap-free root zone soil moisture (RZSM) product developed within the G3P project, which provides estimates of the soil water content globally up to a depth of 2 meters. The product is derived from the C3S COMBINED surface soil moisture product using an exponential filter method.

Coverage: Global; 2002–2020

Resolution: 0.25 degree; daily

Current version: v2.1 (from C3S v202012)

More information:  CLIMERS project page