• Tuesday 12-14 in SEM DA green 06B
  • Friday 10-12 in DA04G10

Preliminary meeting

Monday, 2.10.23 12:00 in DA green 06B


The lecture (3h/week) introduces to the regularity analysis of elliptic partial differential equations. We plan to discuss

  • shift theorems for elliptic PDEs (and systems)
  • regularity theory in corner domains, where the classical shift theorem breaks down and weighted spaces are the appropriate tool
  • Hölder regularity for scalar equations with \(L^\infty\)-coefficients (De Giorgi-Nash-Moser theorem)

We will also introduce the various tools that are needed for the analysis such as Morrey and Campanato spaces as well as appropriate interpolation spaces

Class notes


  • Gilbarg-Trudinger: elliptic PDEs of second order
  • Giaquinta-Martinazzi: an introduction to the regularity theory for elliptic systems
  • Jost: PDEs