TU Wien Bibliothek holds the largest collection of technical and scientific literature in Austria. As well as books, e-books and journals in printed and electronic form, you will find standards, databases and holdings of historical value. Our discovery portal "CatalogPlus, opens an external URL in a new window" is available 24 hours a day. Our courses and advisory services can also support you with your literature search.

What is available via CatalogPlus?

  • Books and e-books: Books acquired since 1931, as well as most of TU Wien institutes’ holdings; around 140.000 licensed e-books
  • Printed and electronic journals: Site and holding records of printed volumes and issues, access to e-journals
  • TU Wien theses: Full texts, tables of contents and abstracts
  • Journal articles and book chapters
  • So-called "grey literature", such as preprints, postprints, conference papers, offprints
  • Building analyses and working papers (What is that?)

Tip: For efficient searching, use the TU Wien Classification, opens an external URL in a new window.

What cannot be found on CatalogPlus?

  • Databases: Use databases to do a full literature search on a particular subject. Databases generally contain all published literature for one or more specialist areas, whereas the library catalogue only contains the literature held by TU Wien Bibliothek.
  • Standards: Standards can be found in standards databases. Find out more about searching for standards
  • Patents: To search for patents, use the Derwent Innovations Index database; for chemistry, you can also search the Reaxys and/or Scifinder databases.

Do you wish to apply for a patent and check whether a patent already exists? If so, please contact a patent office directly as we do not have the necessary resources to provide you with legal information.

Other search options



  • KVK - Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog: a meta-catalogue where you can search a large number of catalogues of research libraries and consortia in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as important consortia and national library catalogues in other countries.
  • ZDB - German Union Catalogue of Serials: Record of serial publications (specialist journals, journals, papers, etc.) in Germany and Austria
  • EZB - Electronic Journal Library: Directory of electronic journal titles and periods for which libraries have licensed full-text access. This also shows you which other libraries may offer access to a journal that is not licensed for access by TU Wien.


Searching for historical literature

It is advisable to start every search in CatalogPlus. If the item you are looking for was published before 1931 and is not on the online catalogue, you may need to use the old catalogues of the Library.

Old catalogues of TU Wien Bibliothek, opens an external URL in a new window

Holdings of historical value

TU Wien Bibliothek has a large number of holdings of historical importance. Since 1987, the library of the Austrian Federation for Electrical Engineering (Österreichischer Verband für Elektrotechnik, ÖVE) has been part of our holdings. In 2019, the library of the Austrian Society of Engineers and Architects (Österreichischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein ÖIAV) was donated to TU Wien Bibliothek. Our holdings also include a large number of historically relevant documents and publications such as construction plans and descriptions of historical buildings. A collection of note is the "Sitte bequest library, opens an external URL in a new window": In 1963, Maria Sitte donated documents and books from the estate of the architects and urban planners Franz (1818 -1879), Camillo (1843 - 1903) and Siegfried Sitte (1876-1945) to the Institute of Urban and Spatial Planning of TU Wien. Part of this estate, the Sitte bequest library, is held at TU Wien Bibliothek. Another bequest deserving mention is the library of Heinz Zemanek, inventor of the pioneering "Mailüfterl" computer.