Printed books

Printed books are available in the publicly accessible open access areas of the Main Library and the Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library, as well as in the closed stacks. Virtually all of the library's more recently acquired books (after 1931) and all books in the open access area are available for searching in the library catalogue, CatalogPlus, opens an external URL in a new window. In addition to the bibliographic information (author, title, etc.), the exact location of the book is also stated. You will also find many older books in CatalogPlus. For further information, see our page on how media are arranged in the open access shelves.

CatalogPlus indicates publications that are available for loan with an item status of “4 week loan”; in the open access area, these publications are indicated by a green label stating that they are “Ausleihbar (available for loan)”. If you wish to borrow any books, you will need a library card.


How to find e-books

E-books can be found in CatalogPlus, opens an external URL in a new window. We have some 140,000 licensed e-books; these are typically PDF documents that you can save or print. First, perform your search as usual, then use the filters on the left to restrict the results to the media type books. Then, in the next step, restrict your search further to "online resources".

Where can I read e-books?

Students and employees of TU Wien

  • On TU Wien PCs in the libraries, in the PC training rooms and in the institutes
  • With your own computer via TUnet
  • With remote access via VPN

External library users

  • On PCs in the libraries
  • For licensing reasons, off-campus access is not available

Note that for licensing reasons, some e-book platforms and databases (e.g. O’Reilly, RDB, Linde, Austrian Standards Online) can only be used by students or employees of TU Wien. Access is via a redirection to the TISS login; remote access is limited or not possible.

Please note our terms of use for e-resources!

TU Wien Bibliothek has licensed e-books from the following providers:

  • ACM Digital Library
  • ACS eBooks
  • AIP
  • ASME
  • Artech House eBooks
  • Bloomsbury
  • Cambridge
  • deGruyter eBooks
  • Elsevier eBooks
  • Emerald eBooks
  • Gale Reference Library
  • Hanser E-Books
  • IEEE Proceedings, Standards
  • IOP
  • LindeOnline
  • eBook Central
  • O'Reilly
  • Routledge
  • Springer eBooks
  • Taylor & Francis eBooks
  • Wiley Books
  • Vahlen (C.H. Beck) eBooks
  • VDI Verlag
  • Vulkan eBooks
  • World Scientific