E-journals, printed journals and databases are purchased and licensed centrally for TU Wien by the library. Note that we cannot acquire electronic media that are only licensed for use by one person. We are also happy to organise trial access to new databases, if there are any you think might be of interest to TU Wien.

The library orders journals centrally. The e-journal is always ordered unless there is no suitable online version available. The journals budget is a fixed sum; therefore, new journals may only be ordered if TU Wien cancels its subscription to another journal.

If a journal cannot be funded from the institute's library budget, recourse may be made to global or third-party funding. A distinction is made between academic (fixed assets) and non-academic (low-value assets) literature. Only journals posted as fixed assets are accounted for in the library catalogue. Let us know if you cancel the subscription to one of these journals, so that we can amend the holdings information in the catalogue.

We take care of the administration of your print journals, which are paid for from the institute's journals budget. Delivery is made directly to us, issue receipt is recorded and we claim any missing issues. We forward the issues to your designated contact person via internal mail.

Send your request to cancel any journal subscriptions as soon as possible; please note this should usually be at least 4 months prior to the subscription expiry date. Some titles are tied in with journal packages and we need to check in advance if it is even possible for a subscription to be cancelled.