Graphic representation of the LifeSorting Unit

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Graphic representation of the LifeSorting Unit

LifeSorting Unit of the LifeScope3D platform enables sorting and analysis of micron-sized particles using a large particle flow cytometer termed BioSorter (Union Biometrica, USA).


The BioSorter is suitable for particles ranging from 10 to 750 micrometers in size. It supports sample sorting in any solvent of choice, with the option to collect unsorted objects in a completely preserved native state. For sensitive samples, a special gentle sample loader is available. The samples pass through a laser beam and are annotated based on their size and density. Fluorescent samples can in addition be analyzed for fluorescence intensity and distribution along the sample, in all standard colors of the spectra. Sorting criteria can be set up based on any of the described sample features. Samples can be sorted into any collection vessel, standard tubes and plates, as well as custom calibrated plates. The device can achieve incredible sorting speed, with several events detected within one second and hundreds of plate wells sorted within minutes. Each dispensed sample is accompanied by detailed information describing its features, which are easily retrievable in a comprehensive excel file.

Typical samples sorted with the BioSorter include:

  • Small multicellular models (C. elegans, D. melanogaster)
  • Large cells or cell clusters (spheroids and organoids, pieces of tissue)
  • Beads and particles (printed scaffolds, gel beads, microspheres, cells on beads, encapsulated samples)

The BioSorter is set up and currently available at the platform. To use the device or obtain further information, please contact our project manager:

Mina Petrovic, PhD
Getreidemarkt 9, BE 0505, 1060 Wien   +43 1 58801 30892