Graphic representation of the LifeMechanics Unit

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Graphic representation of the LifeMechanics Unit

LifeMechanics Unit of the LifeScope3D platform is dedicated to mechanical characterization of multicellular structures, such as spheroids, organoids and tissues. It enables testing mechanical properties of entire multicellular assemblies as a whole, as well as investigating mechanical features of individual sections within the assembly. It consists of two devices, a micromechanical tester (Microtester, CellScale, Canada) and an atomic force microscope specialized for biological samples (Nanowizard 4XP, Bruker, Germany).

The micromechanical tester, Microtester (CellScale, Canada), permits to conduct compression tests under physiological conditions, in a fluid of choice and with regulated temperature. The sample is compressed with a cantilever and a platen of a desired size, with the force resolution down to 10 nN. Sample deformation is recorded with two cameras, frontal and side, for accurate post processing and data analysis. The device is suitable for testing global mechanical features of samples in the range from tens of micrometers to several millimeters. The device is set up and currently available at the platform.

The atomic force microscope (AFM) specialized for biological samples (Nanowizard 4XP, Bruker, Germany) is designed for performing nanotopographical and nanomechanical characterization of biomolecular structures or surfaces. Combined with an inverted fluorescence microscope (Axio Observer, Zeiss, Germany) it allows studying delicate soft samples in their native conditions with a high spatiotemporal resolution. Special features of the device, such as experiment planner, remote control and monitoring, and automated calibration make it particularly user-friendly and compatible with multi-user facility setting. Both devices are set up and available at the platform.

For further information about the LifeMechanics Unit, or for scheduling the use of the devices please contact our project manager:

Mina Petrovic, PhD
Getreidemarkt 9, BE 0505, 1060 Wien   +43 1 58801 30892