Graphic representation of the LifeImaging Unit

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Graphic representation of the LifeImaging Unit

LifeImaging Unit of the LifeScope3D platform is equipped with a unique Lattice Light Sheet confocal fluorescence microscope (Lattice Light Sheet 7, Zeiss, Germany).

An innovative light sheet technology is based on decoupling the illumination and the detection pathway by introducing the excitation source perpendicular to the optical axis, in the form of a thin light sheet. This allows scanning through the sample plane by plane, instead of pixel by pixel as in classic confocal microscopy. In addition, out-of-focus signals are reduced to a minimum which enables fast volumetric imaging of very thin optical sections. These features are particularly useful when imaging delicate live three-dimensional samples, sensitive to photo damage and bleaching.  Furthermore, a super resolution imaging module will be combined with the light sheet imaging technique, to enable characterization of subcellular structures below the diffraction limit of light microscopy. Together, these two approaches make the device suitable for imaging 3D samples of all sizes, starting from large spheroids, intercellular contacts at the middle range, down to single molecules within individual cells.

Lattice Light Sheet 7 supports a variety of sample chambers which makes sample preparation and preservation simple and reproducible. Maintenance and adjustment of optical elements of the device is fully automated, which in combination with a standardized operating software makes the device user friendly and compatible with multi user facility setting.

The device is set up and available for use. To use the device or obtain further information, please contact our project manager:

Mina Petrovic, PhD
Getreidemarkt 9, BE 0505, 1060 Wien   +43 1 58801 30892