Measurement lab with multiple measurement systems

© Dr. Georg Pfusterschmied

MEMS Measurement Lab

In the MEMS Measurement Lab, a wide range of investigations are carried out with regard to material analyzes and the characterization of MEMS components. Extensive and modern equipment is available for this purpose.

Some examples...

Wafer probe station

Wafer probing station with microscope and electrical measurement equipment

© Michael Schneider

Wafer Probestation


DLTS measuring system with vacuum chamber and control unit

© Michael Schneider

Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy


Wafer prober for high-frequency applications

© Michael Schneider

High frequency measurement tools for SAW/BAW


Atomic force microscope with measurement head

© Michael Schneider

Atomic Force Microscope


Optical measuring head of a laser Doppler vibrometer on an optical table with a vacuum chamber

© Michael Schneider

Micro system analyzer with Laser Doppler vibrometry

Impedance analyzer

Impedance analyzer with screen

© Michael Schneider

Impedance spectrum of MEMS structures


Scanning electron microscope with vacuum chamber with electron optics

© Michael Schneider

Scanning electron microscope

Effusion measurement system

Vacuum chamber with viewing window, turbo pump and mass spectrometer

© Michael Schneider

Temperature induced effusion of gaseous species


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