Selected Topics - Nanoelectronics and Information Technology (362.135 VU4.0)

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Gerhard Hobler, Walter Weber, Alois Lugstein, Heinz Wanzenböck


The course consists of four lecture blocks and an exercise part. In the first part of the lecture, an overview of state-of-the-art micro- and nanoelectronics is given, with a focus on MOSFETs, based on the course on electronic components (362.072). In the exercise part, the fabrication and electrical behavior of a MOSFET in current technology is simulated using the software package TCAD-Sentaurus. TCAD-Sentaurus is the leading TCAD simulation tool used by almost all semiconductor manufacturers for the design and optimization of semiconductor devices. The exercise part concludes with short presentations by the participants. In the other lecture blocks, current topics in nanoelectronics are covered, as well as topics in information technology that go beyond micro/nanoelectronics in the narrower sense. Current research topics will also be addressed and preparation for possible bachelor theses will be given.

Dates WS 2023/24

The lecture will take place on Tuesday from 13:15 to 15:45 with a break. The dates of the exercises will be arranged at the beginning of the semester.

Date Topc (Lecturer)
Tue 10.10. Introduction to microelectronics (Hobler)
Tue 17.10. Process technology (Hobler)
Tue 24.10. Nano-MOSFETs (Hobler)
Tue 31.10. Characterization, TCAD (Hobler)
Tue  7.11. Introduction to Sentaurus (Hobler)
8.11.-4.12. Exercise (3-4 half days; Hobler)
Tue 21.11. Future logic devices (Lugstein)
Tue 28.11. Future logic devices (Lugstein)
Tue  5.12. Presentation of exercise results (participants)
Tue 12.12. New semiconductor memories (Weber)
Tue  9.1. Future memory concepts (Weber)
Tue 16.1. Optical and chemical sensors (Wanzenböck)
Tue 23.1. Displays (Wanzenböck)


Registration via TISS, opens an external URL in a new window if possible before the first lecture, but at the latest by the second lecture.

Bachelor theses:

During the lectures, possible topics for bachelor theses will be presented. Please contact the lecturer of the subject area of your interest for a concrete assignment.