Our research interests are focussed on the experimental study of the electronic and optical properties of novel 1D and 2D materials. In 1D and 2D materials, the confinement of the electron wavefunction and the effects of the environment (e.g. substrate and stacking sequence) lead to novel properties that are often useful for applications.

Our approach is to combine the synthesis of these materials and their spectroscopic characterization. Chemical vapour deposition and molecular beam epitaxy are used to synthesize 2D material heterostructures. On-surface polymerization is employed for synthesis of atomically precise 1D nanoribbons. We perform spectroscopic characterization of these materials by angle-resolved photoemission and ultra-high vacuum Raman & luminescence spectroscopies.These methods allow us to probe the electronic energy band structure, lattice vibrations, and optical properties.

One important goal is to tailor electronic and optical properties in these materials in order to induce new physical phenomena and to render them suitable for next-generation electronic devices.