Rules of etiquette for the use of computers


  1. Only standard software purchased from the fke is used at the fke and no one installs any third-party software on their computer. 
  2. The use of stolen software is generally prohibited and is considered a felony. If stolen software is discovered by the EDP officer, it will be deleted without warning. 
  3. If software that does not exist is REALLY needed, it will be purchased by the EDP officer. 
  4. Nobody puts any USB sticks or external hard disks unchecked (VIREN !) into any drives!!! 
  5. The tinkering with the Config Sys files and Control Panels is to be refrained. The installations on the computers are to be kept as uniform as possible. 
  6. User data is to be stored ONLY in the USER directories. Files that are not in the User Directory will be deleted without warning by the IT supervisor. 
  7. Tinkering with other people's computers is to be refrained from. 
  8. No one connects private computers to the network and uses "any" IP addresses as this will cause address collisions. This will be detected immediately by the Central Information Service (ZID) and penalized accordingly. 
  9. Running private web servers somewhere hidden in the institute network is generally prohibited and considered a felony. 

Software FAQs

Q : Why do I have to work with Word, the blabla Writer is so much better. 

A : Yes that's true, but the group leader (boss, secretary) works with Word and needs your documents e.g. for the annual report or a project application (the same applies to drawing programs etc.). 

Q : why can't I install the xxx utility, it's soo nice. 

A : Yes that's right, it's really nice, but it may not be compatible with the yyyy software and therefore makes troubleshooting more difficult in case of problems.

Q : Why don't we use Linux, it's soo great. 

A : Yes that's true, but the group leader (boss, secretary) doesn't work with Linux. If you want LINUX you can have it, but don't be surprised if you don't get support from Mr. Riegler and also get trouble with the annual report, GME report, work report of the institute board, the literature database etc. etc.. The moral of the story : Linux -> for EXPERTS only! 

Troubleshooting costs time and therefore money. 
Deliberately caused IT-problems are just as bad as a deliberate damage of the laboratory equipment and will be punished accordingly! 
Our mission is semiconductor research, not the operation of computer networks!!!!