The Institute of Biomedical Electronics teaches fundamentals and offers laboratory training in Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering for bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees at TU Wien.


Practical training in biosensing, biomedical instrumentation, muscle and nerve electrostimulation, as well as MATLAB processing are offered in many (other) courses.

Topics for bachelor- and master theses in the field of Biomedical Engineering are provided on request. Due to a large international network, we offer collaborative theses.

The dean of academic affairs Biomedical Engineering, Prof. Eugenijus Kaniusas, opens in new window, is with the Institute.


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Exercise Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering 1 - this course is the core of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology program, the first and most important course that freshly graduated students take. What can I expect? Is it a dry and impersonal subject, or is it highly exciting (ba dumm tsss)? Tutor Iris Raschbacher and Prof. Peter Schönhuber give you a very personal insight.