The electronic-tumor impedance readout (ETIR) platform will operate under standard incubator conditions. As an important use case, the efficacy of cell-based immuno-oncology treatment approaches will be evaluated using non-invasive impedance monitoring.

To establish reliable non-invasive electronic detection of cancer cells, three-dimensionally printed tumor spheroids (TS) and patient-derived microtumors (PDM) are cultured on customized electronic microchips.

Scanning electron micrograph of a tumor spheroid.

© Dr. Sonia Prado Lopez | E362, TU Wien

SEM image of a tumor spheroid

The printing is done in scaffolds using bio-inks blended with human-derived biomaterials. Optimal coupling between TSs or PDMs and the bioelectronic microchip is aimed for using three-dimensional microstructures. ETIR shall be performed at multiple sites in the presence and absence of commercially available anticancer drugs or of T-cell immunotherapy.

Project duration: 1.11.2022 - 31.10.2025