The next trial rehearsal including auditions will take place in autumn 2024. Until then you also could visit us at our concert.

Your questions - our answers

In addition to students and staff of TU Wien, interested people from outside are also welcome - it is not a prerequisite to be a TU member. Decisive for singing along are musical commitment and choir experience. We are especially looking for male voices!

For the voice check, please prepare a song that you would like to sing a capella for us. Any song is possible! We will also have you sing one of the pieces from the trial rehearsal. The exact piece will be announced in time.

Our rehearsals take place every Thursday from 19:00 - 21:30 at the TU Wien. In addition, a rehearsal weekend takes place once a semester. In order to sing along, a basic attendance is expected.

Our rehearsals are held in german. We sing many english songs but also german ones. You need to be able to sing along and follow the rehearsals in german language, however, we do not test your language skills.

The most important prerequisite is that you enjoy music and already have some experience in making music, e.g. because you have played an instrument before. You should also have enjoyed singing at some point in your life - in a choir, an ensemble, a band or even alone in the shower. It is important that you dare to use your voice and have an idea of whether you are singing the right note. We are particularly interested in the following skills:

  • Hearing: Can you sing a piano note? Can you hear if you are singing the same note as your neighbour? Can you hear individual notes in a chord?
  • Intonation: How accurately do you hit the note you want to sing?
  • Rhythm: Can you clap a rhythm that is played to you? Can you keep to a given tempo?
  • Making music together: Can you hold your voice when someone else is singing a second part? Do you make music together with others?
  • Choreography: Are you comfortable moving while singing?
  • Reading music: Can you pick out the rhythm and melody from the notes? Can you even sight read?

We don't expect you to be perfect at all of this. Strengths in one area can sometimes compensate for weaknesses in another. The choir also gives you the chance to develop and expand your skills.

In the trial rehearsal you will get an impression of how our rehearsals work, what kind of atmosphere prevails and you will get to know exercises that are also part of the voice check.

For the voice check, please prepare a song that you will perform only vocally (i.e. without instrumental accompaniment). This can be a pop piece or a classical piece, a folk song or a children's song, however you prefer to present yourself.

We will also have you perform a mandatory song, which will be announced on this page.

Who we accept depends on the abilities of all candidates on the one hand, and on how big the choir is at the moment on the other hand, because every semester some singers leave us. We strive for a balance between male and female voices. As we have more female members at the moment, male candidates have an easier time joining the choir. We want to slowly improve our sound. Therefore, your vocal abilities must reach a certain minimum level, which is approximately the current average level of our singers. Beyond that, we rank the candidates and accept those who seem to us to be the best fit.

No. However, costs may be incurred for participation in external rehearsal weekends, choir competitions, or similar.