Musical Direction

Portrait of Andreas Ipp

© Martin Ksienzyk

Andreas Ipp's career as a theoretical physicist brought him back to TU Wien via several stays abroad in the USA, Italy and Germany, where he works as a Senior Scientist at the Institute for Theoretical Physics. In addition to his scientific career, music has always accompanied him as a piano player and choir singer. He gained his first choral experience as a Sängerknabe vom Wienerwald on tours through Europe and Asia. During his studies of instrumental/vocal pedagogy with piano as his main instrument at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (parallel to his studies of physics at TU Wien), Ipp chose to focus on "ensemble conducting" and was taught choral conducting by conductors Herwig Reiter and Alois Glassner, among others. As a répétiteur, he has worked with numerous singers, accompanying the vocal ensemble Audite Nova and the Brunner Gesangsverein, among others. For the latter he was also active as a conductor. Ipp gained jazz experience with the Jazz Chorus of the University of Washington in Seattle. Since October 2012, he has been conducting the TU Wien Chorus.

Portrait of Alexander Pacha

Alexander Pacha has been supporting Andreas Ipp in artistic matters since 2018. He was able to gain musical experience as a child and learned to sing as well as play the piano. He toured as a member of the Haydn Choir of the Wiener Sängerknaben Chor to America, Japan, South Africa and Europe, among other places. As a singer and keyboarder, he played in two rock bands for years. During his studies in Germany, he took lessons on drums and occasionally played in jazz combos. In 2009 he discovered a passion for composition after an aural exercise by his teacher Lucio Golino was developed into his first work. Since then, he has written several pieces for piano, guitar and voice. Since 2016, Alexander Pacha has been a member of the TU WIen Chorus and arranges songs for the choir, which have also been performed by other choirs.

Operational management

The board of the TU Wien Chorus is responsible for the operational management of the choir. It is elected in accordance with the choir's statutes and consists of the following positions:

Portrait of Andreas Ipp

© Martin Ksienzyk


Andreas Ipp

Portrait of Philemon Brüssing

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Deputy Chairman

Philemon Brüssing

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Emanuel Büechi

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Nicole Schipani

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Ulrich Aschl