Bitumen tests

Ageing plant RTFOT
Pressure ageing vessel (PAV)
Rotational viscometer
Dynamic shear rheometer
Determination of the softening point using the ring and ball method according to EN 1426
Determination of needle penetration according to EN 1427
Determination of the elastic recovery according to EN 13398
Recovery of bitumen according to EN 12697-3  
Optical and fluorescence microscopy
CLSM microscopy

Mineral aggregate tests

Polishing and skid resistance (Wehner-Schulze Method) according to EN 12697-49

Asphalt mix tests

Compulsory counterflow mixer
Slab roller compactor
Universal testing machine
Wheel tracking test
Single-axis electromechanical testing machine
Single-axis hydraulic testing machine
Triaxial hydraulic testing machine
Determination of particle size distribution according to EN 12697-2
Determination of the maximum density according to  EN 12697-5 (pycnometer)
Determination of bulk density according to EN 12697-6
Determination of the affinity between aggregate and bitumen according to EN 12697-11
Specimen preparation by impact compactor according to EN 12697-30
Determination of fuel resistance according to EN 12697-43

Equipment for pavement monitoring

Skid resistance Tester (GripTester)

Other equipment

Laser scanner for surface detection
Climatic chamber


For questions about the test and measurement equipment, please contact Bernhard Hofko.