The subject of the Bachelor elective module 4 is the intensive examination of regional cooperation and identification spaces. As part of the courses, the study regions are visited and analysed during excursions, resulting in visions for the future and space-specific strategies.

Courses and focus topics since 2014

Over~Flow: Creation of visions and future perspectives for rivers and valleys (2022S)

Lake Sight: Creation of visions and future perspectives for lakes and lake regions (2021S)

Space and spaces for resilient business and labour: Scenarios, future visions and business models for the future of business and labour in the Vienna-Lower Austria urban region (2020W)

How will we live together? Creative visioneering for the year 2070 with the help of storytelling (2020S)

Zukunftsland: Drafting future perspectives via storytelling and social design (2019W)

Under Pressure – Developing Viennislava: Development along the axis between Vienna and Bratislava (2019S)

Vom Gehen und Bleiben (und Leben an mehreren Orten): Exploring rural areas and rural regions with a focus on women (2018S)

sub<stadtrand>urban: Fragmented, suburban border areas in an international context and from a local perspective. Excursion in the Siebenhirten-Vösendorf neighbourhood (2017S)

Raum for Refugees: Contribution of spatial planning for refugees and asylum seekers (2016S)

Stadtumland Logistik: Excursion to the Trimodal Port of Vienna and the multifunctional freight terminal Inzersdorf (2016S)

Stadtregionen: Excursion to the Urban Region Day in Salzburg (2014W)