The Master project in spatial planning, which can be either interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary depending on the subject-specific requirements, has an explicit spatial reference and is situated within a specific planning context. Our research department regularly offers various projects in a regional context.

Projects since 2009

Positive Energy Districts 2.0: Continuation of the trinational Master's project with the University of Belgrade and the TU Bratislava in St. Pölten and Vienna (2023W)

Cultural Collisions: Design and curation of an exhibition aimed at teaching science to young people (2023S)

Positive Energy Districts: Trinational Master's project with the University of Belgrade and TU Bratislava, excursion to Bratislava and Trenčín – Project Website, opens an external URL in a new window (2022S)

ISEK4 - Cities' Quartett Southern Alps: Excursion to Lienz, Bruneck, Spittal an der Drau and Hermagor (2021W)

50 years of Gartenstadt Puchenau - and what now? New images of sustainable urbanity in the Linz region:  Website and Publication "Umland auf Schiene", opens an external URL in a new window (2020W)

Making Karlsgasse: Website Karlsgasse.Vision, opens an external URL in a new window (2020S)

Viennislava (2019W)

Tango Argentino_Tactics and strategies for an integral improvement of the urban landscape of the Reconquista River Basin in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires (2018S)

World on the Move: Participation and presentations at the SCUPAD Congress in Salzburg (2017S)

Planning Addis Ababa to encounter poverty and climate change: Excursion to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (2016S)

Linking_Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo: Excursion to Pristina, Tetova, Tirana (2015S)

Sehnsucht Einfamilienhaus_Modellschauplatz für zukünftigen Siedlungsbau: Visits to housing projects in Switzerland, Alsace and southern Germany (2014S)

Entwicklungsperspektiven für Gorazde: Excursion to the Gorazde, Sarajevo and Mostar region (2013S)

Visioning Oman: Workshops during an excursion to Oman (2011W)

Krakau-Wien: Excursion to the Krakow region as part of an interdisciplinary project in cooperation with the Technical University in Krakow (2010W)

Albanien: Excursion to the Tirana Durres area in the international and interdisciplinary project in cooperation with the POLIS University in Tirana (2009W)