Lecturers at the Research Unit of Law supervise theses all types of degree theses: bachelor, master, diploma and doctoral.
The topic of the thesis may stem from:

  • Suggestions by the Research Unit of Law (see the list below);
  • Your own proposal; or 
  • Build on your own work done in one of our courses.

Please note that your thesis must have a clear link to core areas of your degree programme. Please consult the corresponding curriculum, opens in new window.

Topic suggestions:
Addressing Climate Change through Spatial Planning Law: Existing Approaches, Necessary Reforms
Planning Competences at the Federal Level versus Competences at State Level
The Legal Framework for Energy-efficient Construction: European Law Provisions and their National Implementation
Contractual Spatial Planning: Review of the Goals and Modes of Implementation, Analysis of the Constitutional Limits
Mobilisation of Building Land: Review of Existing and Envisaged Instruments, Analysis of the Constitutional Limits
Regulating Second Homes: Approaches and Instruments, Provisions in European and National Constitutional Law
Steering the Densification in Town Centres through Law
The Legal Framework for Citizen Participation in Spatial Planning Processes: Open Questions
Open Data Systems in Planning: Legal Questions
Legal Basis of a Mobility Services Guarantee: Opportunities and Limits
Promoting Sustainable Forms of Mobility: Necessary Reforms in Transport and Traffic Law
The Organization of Local Public Transport: Review and Critical Analysis of Existing Structures
Legal Framework for Public Housing in Austria: Adaptations through Energy Efficiency Provisions