SE 280.760 | Fokus: Energie, Mobilität und Umwelt | Klimaneutrale Städte: Rechtliche Perspektiven auf energieeffiziente Gebäude und Quartiere (Course in German)

An energy-efficient building stock and sustainable quarters are essential components of a climate-neutral future. The legal situation in this regard is however rather complex at both European and national levels, thus the path to achieving the Paris Climate goals appears more than uncertain. Mock negotiations held as part of this seminar will provide the students with the opportunity to deal with possible solutions and to enter into discussion. The exercises will be based on current discourse within politics and science, inter alia simulating political decision-making processes. Different perspectives of the various social interests will be taken into account at this stage. The presentations will take place in two blocks; short position papers have to be submitted in advance to allow others to prepare. At the end of the seminar, students are expected to submit a written paper.


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Dragana Damjanovic

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