Alpine Industrial Landscape Transformation

Disused Alpine industrial site

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Project description


Industrial change in Europe is also accompanied by the decline of traditional heavy and manufacturing industries in peripheral and less urbanized regions, such as the Alpine Space. This results in huge disused industrial sites: Alpine Industrial Landscapes (AILs).
trAILs - Alpine Industrial Landscapes Transformation - was launched in April 2018 as part of the Alpine Space INTERREG programme with 10 project partners from five different Alpine Space countries.

The aim of the project is to generate significant knowledge about AILs (Alpine Industrial Landscapes) and to develop and test sustainable transformation strategies that are applicable and replicable throughout the Alpine Space. To ensure a multidisciplinary and transnational approach, the project combines the disciplines of spatial and landscape planning, socio-economic sciences and ecological regeneration. In addition, there is direct cooperation with local communities at four pilot sites in Austria (Eisenerz), Italy (Borgo San Dalmazzo), France (L’Argentière-la-Bessée and La Roche-de-Rame) and Slovenia (Tržič).

The main tasks of TU Wien are on the one hand to provide the spatial planning expertise, and on the other hand to set up a database, which collects not only the data on the pilot sites but also information about other brownfields in Austria, Italy, France and Slovenia. The collected data will be presented in the form of a homepage, which also contains an interactive web map.


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