40 Years IFIP

on 14. 6. 2012 at the TU Wien

In 1972, the "Institute of Finance and Infrastructure Policy" (IFIP) was founded as one of the first institutes of the newly created field of study "Spatial Planning" at the TU Wien. As "Department of Finance and Infrastructure Policy" and since 2019 "Department of Finance and Infrastructure Policy", the IFIP has been part of the Department of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and Environmental Planning at the TU Wien since 2004.

In 2012, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of IFIP, the „Egon Matzner Prize for Socioeconomics“ was awarded for the first time. In the course of the festive event, retired Prof. Dr. Wilfried Schönbäck gave a review and outlook on teaching and research at Ifip, and Prof. Dr. Michael Getzner gave his inaugural lecture.

   Lecturers Title
  Univ.-Prof. Dr. Klaus SEMSROTH
(Dekan der Fakultät Architektur und Raumplanung),
Ass.-Prof. Dr. Johann BRÖTHALER
(IFIP, TU Wien)
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  A.o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Blaas (IFIP, TU Wien)
Mag. Dr.  Wolfgang FELLNER
Egon-Matzner-Preis für Sozioökonomie 2012
  Univ.-Prof. i.R. Dr. Wilfried SCHÖNBÄCK (IFIP, TU Wien) 40 Jahre IFIP - Rückblick und Ausblick , opens a file in a new window
  Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael GETZNER (IFIP, TU Wien) Was hat der Song „I’m free“ von den Rolling Stones mit der Bewertung von Ökosystemleistungen zu tun?, opens a file in a new window (Antrittsvorlesung)