"Advanced Computational Design"

Project Description:

The main research question addressed by the SFB “Advanced Computational Design” is how to advance design tools and processes through multi- and interdisciplinary basic research in the areas of digital architecture, integrated building design, computer graphics and virtual reality, discrete and applied geometry, and computational mechanics.

Subproject 2:
Integrating AEC Domain Knowledge-Synthesis 2.0 

Iva Kovacic* (TU Wien), Project Lead with Michael Hensel (TU Wien); Peter Ferschin (TU Wien)

Project Description:

SP2 aims to develop a workflow that captures tangible and intangible design aspects by coupling several concepts: a semantic sketchbook, related ontologies and links to computational platforms, such as BIM; and to deliver a proof of concept on a theater stage-design use case, and evaluate the workflow within a student experiment (design studio class).
This subproject links all other subprojects through joint creation of ontologies, integration of specific tools and student experiments and testing. The goal of this project is to develop a mixed reality sketching application for architectural design. The application should integrate novel semantic sketching techniques (e.g. with tablet and pen) with physical proxy objects in a mixed reality environment (e.g Hololens 2). It should allow sketching in 2D and 3D at a model-oriented scale as well as in full scale.
The sketches need to be converted into parametric models, which will be used in other applications of the SFB. Furthermore, the designed objects will be targeted for their evaluation in a stage design context (e.g. full-scale lab or theater stages). A close collaboration will integrate semantic information via ontologies and simulation results to aid the evaluation of design goals.

Grafik zum Projekt SFB

Die Grafik zum Projekt SFB zeigt auf, wie das Programm Synthesis 2.0 auf die einzelnen, in Beziehung stehenden Aböüfe und Arbeitsschritte wirkt