23. Februar 2023, 11:30 bis 24. Februar 2023 13:00

SUSNANOFAB Final Networking


Focused on Sustainable Nanofabrication, the 2-day event will happen in TUW, Vienna, Austria, from the 23rd to 24th of February 2023.


Renowned actors in the nanofabrication ecosystem worldwide will join the debate to discuss the most relevant topics on sustainable nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing.


The agenda includes a panel of speakers from the industry, innovation and research arena, in sessions dedicated to all the stakeholders in the sustainable nanofabrication value chain.


SMEs, startups and companies will be able to participate in the brokerage sessions, to match their technological needs with the most advanced technologies and the world-class facilities currently available.

Training sessions focused on nano-functionalisation and on standardisation, as well as poster sessions and networking opportunities will boost the programme, which includes: - A panel dedicated to industry, innovation and research, composed of renowned speakers addressing hot topics on sustainable nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing; - Brokerage Sessions to explore potential business and technological collaboration opportunities in the nanofabrication and nanomanufacturing ecosystem; - Training Sessions in nano-functionalisation and standardisation. - Presentation of the “SUSNANOFAB Roadmap for an EU-wide strategy on nanofabrication” developed in cooperation with 3 Coordination Groups (CGs) focused on: - Nanofabrication aspects from design to manufacturing upscaling; - Environmental, Sustainability, Health & Ethics; - Future skills and Expertise - Presentation of the SUSNANOFAB Digital Platform, an open tool that combines the most relevant nanofabrication data spread in different sources and makes it available in a centralized place, promoting access to databases of training, best practices, stakeholders, projects, initiatives, and more! - Poster Sessions throughout the whole event




TU Wien, Festsaal
1040 Wien
Karlsplatz 13



TU Wien as SUSNANOFAB partner
Dr. Nadja Adamovic










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