FAQ TUphone

TUphone telephone set

No. But of course it is possible to log out one after the other.

No. You can make your selection from a preset set. Press the button (Settings), then select "Preferences", then "Background image".

If you log out from your telephone, your extension is no longer active (but a number 799xxxxx), with which only house calls can be made. However, it is possible to define a "Logged-Out extension" for a device. This means that after switching on or after a logout on the device, this extension including key assignment and authorization is automatically activated.

With the Cisco 7965G and 8961 devices, the displays are turned off at night via an automatic controller. By pressing the button, the power saving mode of the 7965G can be terminated.

On your softphone or your service mobile phone, or the voicemail box will respond if this is configured in this way.

The institutes themselves do not have to pay anything for the telephone sets of their employees, only for accessories such as headsets, loudspeakers,...

TUphone Softphone

A softphone is the implementation of a telephone connection on the workstation computer using software. Of course, a loudspeaker and a microphone (or headset or USB receiver) are required.

Yes, please note that if you are using a softphone outside the TU Wien (e.g. at your home workstation, on your laptop on the road), a VPN tunnel with the normal VPN service must be set up beforehand. The VPN client Profile tuonly is sufficient for this.

This depends on the type and configuration of the firewall and must be clarified in each individual case. Please contact TU.it. (If the softphone is to be used behind a firewall, the firewall must be configured accordingly. Here also for incoming connections from the TUphone servers appropriate rules have to be provided. Which ports are to be released depends on the software variant used in each case).

TUphone phone numbers

Yes. 0112 (Euro emergency call), 0122 (fire brigade), 0133 (police), 0144 (rescue), 0141 (emergency medical service).

Yes, if you are entered as an employee in several force elements.

If you have a number that is independent of the structure item (74xxxx), this is possible, otherwise it is not possible.

No. However, the TUphone certifying officer of your structural element can use TISS to assign you a number from the pool made available to you by the structural element.

The corporate number (business number) of your mobile phone, i.e. 0664/60588kkkk.

If you enter a wrong PIN the first time, you will be asked to enter your ID (!!!), which is your extension, before you can enter your PIN again. 

The handset or the coiled cable may be defective. Contact TU.it for replacement of handset or cable.

This happens with call targets that begin with 0676 or 0699. (For cost reasons, we route these calls via a "mobile router". Since we cannot display the head number of the TU Vienna - 58801 - there, the number is suppressed.)If these calls are established with prefix 1001, the routing can be forced via the TA. The number will then be sent with the call. For this connection route, however, higher fees are charged, as it causes additional costs for us.

Our WLAN is not VoIP-ready for cost reasons. However, it will work safely in individual cases.

Not automatically, but it can be set up by the TUphone certifier as a function extension.

The simultaneous ringing of your IP phone and your (service) mobile phone or Skype client.

TUphone billing

All telephone numbers assigned to a charge account by a TUphone account holder are listed here, with the number and duration of the calls made and the costs charged for them. 

 TISS, opens an external URL in a new window > TUphone > OrgEH-Verwaltung: Under the Statistics tab, you can find the monthly call statistics for each charge account of the selected organizational unit.  Access is granted to TUphone users and the head of an organizational unit. 

A cost report is prepared per quarter and per telephone charge account and contains the sum of the charges for the three call statistics for the quarter in question. The billing is carried out by means of budget-effective activity allocation. External organizations are an exception. Here, a corresponding outgoing invoice is created and sent in addition to the cost notification. 

 TISS, opens an external URL in a new window > TUphone > OrgEH-Verwaltung: Under the Settlements tab, you can find one cost notification per quarter for each remuneration account of the selected organizational unit.  Access is granted to TUphone users and the head of an organizational unit. 

The institute, represented by the institute's board of directors and the TUphone release agents appointed by the institute's board of directors, is responsible for the allocation of the individual extensions.

The data is updated in the TISS, opens an external URL in a new window under TUphone > OrgEH-Verwaltung. Under the Overview tab, the correct charge account can be assigned to each call number. 

Changes are adopted on a daily basis. Changes are taken into account for future call costs from the time they are entered.  

In TISS, opens an external URL in a new window under TUphone > OrgEH-Management under the tab Accounts. 


Your institute's TUphone certifying officer must set the desired telephone charge account for each extension.

(TISS - TUphone - OrgEH-Verwaltung: here in the tab "Overview" edit the charge account for each extension) Such an assignment is valid only for future call costs of this extension!

No, telephone sets are provided by TU.it if required. Telephones that are no longer needed must be returned.

A rebooking of telephone charges can only be carried out via the internal billing of the Quästur: (Form "Internal billing")

Your institute's TUphone certifying officer must use TISS to assign a telephone charge account to an SAP account!
(TISS - TUphone - OrgEH-Verwaltung: here assign the desired SAP account to a charge account via the "Accounts" tab) A change already affects the current quarter.
Retroactive changes (transfers between SAP accounts) can only be made via the Quästur (form "Internal settlement"). 


Please inform TU.it about 2 weeks before your planned move. Please refer to the page "Relocations" for details which have to be reported to TU.it.