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schematic picture of the experiment
© Graphik: Tatiana Lysenko / TU Wien

The fine structure constant is one of the most important natural constants of all. At TU Wien, a remarkable way of measuring it has been found – it…

the three authors of the paper, outdoors

What determines the durability of high-performance coatings for turbines or highly stressed tools? Surprising results from TU Wien show: It is not…

Tiny hairs on the outer wall of some cells can move in different directions, thereby influencing each other

Tiny hairs on cell walls, so-called “cilia”, can move in unison to pump fluid. Now there finally is a physical theory describing these hairs'…

Symbolic representation of two particles with connections in between
© Raphael Bühler

Because they are extremely stable, so-called "topological states" play an important role in materials research. Now, for the first time, it has been…

a plate with three different microscopes

Researchers at TU Wien (Vienna) and FHI Berlin succeeded in monitoring a catalytic reaction with three different microscopies under exactly the same…

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