Academic careers

Your academic career at TU Wien can begin as early as during your studies (e.g. as a tutor or a student employee). Upon completion of a master’s degree or diploma, graduates aspiring towards a doctorate can apply for a position as a pre-doctoral fellow. In this role, you will have the opportunity to expand on your technical and academic education and take the first step towards your career as an academic at TU Wien by writing your own thesis.

Once you have completed your doctorate, you can take the next step as a post-doctoral fellow. In this position, the focus is on researching, teaching and publishing papers independently to prepare you for your subsequent career in academia.

If your ultimate goal is to be a university professor, you can find more information using the following link: Appointment process

In addition to the jobs listed above, TU Wien also offers other positions.

  • Teaching roles: Senior lecturers
  • Research roles: Senior scientists and project employees

Careers for general staff

The term ‘general staff’ refers to administrative, technical and library personnel.

Due to the variety of tasks, there are numerous different people in roles ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the faculties from an administrative and organisational perspective. They therefore provide a great deal of support for the academics.

You can find our current vacancies on our platform – Vacancies.