Female researcher in the laboratory looks into a microscope

© Klaus Ranger

Current campaigns

USTEM - Fascination of Electron Microscopy

Researcher places sample in electron microscope

© Klaus Ranger

The starting point of scientific research often entails the curiosity of being able to see and discover something in a more precise and accurate manner. Electron microscopy allows for a closer look to be made, ranging from the inside of atoms all the way to viewing the insides of cells. The aim of the campaign is to equip the University Service Facility for Transmission Electron Microscopy (USTEM) with the optimal scientific infrastructure for future technical and social challenges in the best possible way. The TU Wien Foundation is committed to ensuring excellent research at TU Wien. In this specific case, it supports the implementation of the necessary purchases.

Cultural Collisions

Written in comic script in speech bubbles: Art, Science, Cultural Collisions, Education, cool - lightning bolts are drawn in between.

Cultural Collisions gives students a creative approach to the world of science. Through the artistic and creative engagement of the young people with technical and scientific subject areas of the university, we want to promote early inspiration for the later choice of the field of study and counteract the lack of young people in the MINT professions.