The Service Unit of Controlling is on hand to provide services, offering modern financial and socioscientific tools to ensure that the management team at the institution has the fundamental information they require.

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Controlling area of responsibility

The Controlling Service Unit is responsible for coordinating TU Wien’s annual budget. These budgeting activities also entail rolling plans for several years in advance, which offer crucial input into service agreement negotiations.

The Controlling Service Unit also handles ongoing liquidity planning (including the monthly liquidity report) on the basis of their budgeting work.

The Controlling Service Unit provides systems and tools to allow for relevant financial data to be accessed from anywhere and at any time. These customised standard reports can be viewed through TU Insight where they are updated on a regular basis. Training sessions and consultations are provided to ensure that everyone knows what they need to know to make use of TU Insight.

The Controlling Service Unit is responsible for notifying the Austrian Ministry of Education about investment controlling in a timely manner as well as submitting quarterly financial reports to the University Council and the Rector’s Office.

Administration of SAP master data for the overall budget (Section 28) falls within the remit of the Controlling Service Unit.

Cost and performance accounting is essential in the management of TU Wien, allowing for the funds required to finance it to be calculated correctly. This allows for the costs for all teaching and research activities to be assigned, with the key results being teaching costs and overheads for projects funded by third parties. Cost and performance accounting is performed by the Controlling Service Unit every year, before being inspected by an external auditor.

Risk management involves being prepared for any negative repercussions that may arise as well as being able to handle them effectively. The Controlling Service Unit takes charge of the ongoing work on risk management and controlling, providing the foundations for the risk report to be submitted to the Ministry.

Falling within the scope of risk management, the internal auditing system covers all of the key business processes so as to ensure that business activities are efficient and cost-effective and that end of year accounts are in order.