Below are the most important legally relevant information and data on TU Wien


Karlsplatz 13
A-1040 Vienna

Legal category: Legal entity of public law (sec 4 University Act)
There is no registration with the Company Register.

VAT number of TU Wien: ATU37675002
The value-added tax (VAT) identification number (abbreviation: UID) serves as a unique designation of the VAT taxpayer within the EU and makes clearing of VAT between the various revenue services possible.

Revenue office / Tax number of TU Wien: 09 533/0593
This tax number serves as unique identification of the taxpayer with Austrian revenue offices (sec 27 Division and Global Budget).

Tax number of TU Wien, only for charging of fees: 10 149/3054
This tax number serves as a unique identifier of TU Wien, in particular with the Revenue Office for Fees, Transfer Taxes and Gambling (Revenue Office 10).

DVR number: 0005886
The Data Processing Register (DVR) number is a seven-digit registration number given by the DVR. Every principal of a data application must have a DVR number if it is subject to an obligation to report. The DVR number should be indicated when transmitting to those concerned, e.g., in the header or footer.

Public authority number: BUNI-E
At the beginning of every communication written from a public authority there stands a reference number or a public authority number under which the matter is being dealt with. This reference number is important for all further questions and must be indicated in any correspondence with the authority having jurisdiction.

Austrian company code (ANKÖ): FC 4197
The Austrian Contractors Register (ANKÖ) keeps a relevant, publicly accessible directory in which an entrepreneur can have himself/herself registered in order to provide documentation of professional authority, professional reliability as well as financial, commercial and technical capability.

Supplemental register number (regulatory number): 9110007633536
The Supplemental Register serves as the basic register for the unique identification of individuals and legal entities and other concerned parties which may not be registered with the Central Population Register (ZMR), the Company Register or in the Central Association Register (ZVR)

ÖNACE code: 85420
ÖNACE is the national classification of activities. It records the economic activities of businesses and serves statistical purposes. The undertakings are allocated to an economic sector by Statistics Austria. A code is connected with that allocation. The classification announcement informs the undertaking of the ÖNACE code allocated by Statistics Austria.

NACE code: 85.42
NACE stands for Nomenclature statistique des activites economiques dans la Communaute Europeenne. The Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community is a system of classifying economic sectors designed by the European Union on the basis of the United Nations' ISIC Rev.3 (International Standard Classification of All Economic Activities).

PIC code: 999979888
For EU Projects
The participant identification code (abbreviation:PIC) constitutes an important participant code in the European research region. A university's PIC is borne by al subdivisions of that organisation participating in EU projects as a unique identifier from application up through signing of the grant agreement.

EORI number of V TU Wien: ATEOS1000080391
Since 1 January 2010 the EORI number has served for precise identification of commercial partners in connection with customs matters inside the EU.

EuropeAID ID: AT-2007-DPL-2711241914
This identification number allows the submission of EuropeAid-applications with IT tools PADOR (Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration) and PROSPECT (online submission).
Link to PADOR:, opens an external URL in a new window

Registration number according to Sonderausgaben-Datenübermittlungsverordnung: UN 4342

HR Excellence in Research Award:
TU Wien is entitled to use the „HR in Excellence Logo“.

Tax liability

Universities are equated with the national government in matter of taxes. TU Wien does not costitute a commercial business and is therefore not liable for VAT. On the invoices issued by TU Wien no VAT is indicated. TU Wien can therefore not deduct pre-paid VAT that other companies have invoiced it for.
This tax advantage, however, only applies to the extent that TU Wien is acting in the framework of its statutorily granted functions (teaching and research).


EIN number (US taxpayer identification number) of TU Wien: 98-0670902
The EIN (also called the TIN) serves as unique identifier of TU Wien with the United States' tax authorities (Internal Revenue Service, IRS).
This number is needed to complete the US withholding tax exemption from W-8BEN-E. A version of the W-8BEN-E, already filled out and signed, can be downloaded here, opens an external URL in a new window.

The Unique Entity Identifier (UEI SAM) of TU Wien is: YYFMX2NKYJJ5.

The U.S. Federal Government will stop using the DUNS number to identify companies in its business relationships in April 2022, at which time companies working with U.S. Government contracting agencies will be required to use the new Unique Entity Identifier (UEI SAM).

This new Unique Entity Identifier (UEI SAM) is used by the US System for Award Management and other US award and financial systems to uniquely identify a legal entity. The transition from the previous DUNS number to the Unique Entity ID (UEI SAM) is a U.S. government initiative to streamline the identification and validation process for businesses and goes into effect on 4/4/2022.

NCAGE or CAGE number of TU Wien: 5359N
The commercial and government entity code (CAGE, also used by NATO and hence called the NCAGE) has no formal connection with taxes and charges but is frequently requested by US (project) partners. This is an additional standard for company identification.