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Space Architect Melodie Yashar part of faculty in Executive MBA

On May 31 TU Wien welcomed Melodie Yashar to the Expert Talk on "Space Architecture & Automated Additive Construction: Advancing Technologies on Earth & in Space". Read more about the speaker who will teach in Vienna!

Types of Space Architecture

Melodie Yashar is a notable figure in the field of space architecture, opens an external URL in a new window. She is an architect and co-founder of the Space Exploration Architecture (SEArch+) studio. Yashar has dedicated her career to exploring the intersection of architecture, design, and space exploration. Her work focuses on developing innovative design solutions for human habitation in space.

Yashar's interest in space architecture began during her studies at the University of Oregon, where she pursued a degree in architecture. She later earned a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. During her academic years, she became fascinated by the idea of designing living spaces beyond Earth.

In 2015, Yashar co-founded SEArch+ along with her partner, Christina Ciardullo. The studio's mission is to investigate and develop designs for human habitats in space, particularly on Mars. SEArch+ collaborates with experts in various fields, including scientists, engineers, and biologists, to create sustainable and functional architectural concepts for future space missions.

One of Yashar's notable projects is the "Mars Ice House," which won the NASA Centennial Challenge for a 3D-printed habitat on Mars in 2015. The concept involved using the abundant water ice on Mars to create a radiation-protected and energy-efficient habitat. The design incorporated inflatable structures and a translucent ice shell to allow natural light inside the habitat.

Yashar's work extends beyond Mars habitats. She has been involved in projects exploring the potential of architecture in other space-related endeavors. For example, she has contributed to the design of inflatable space antennas and is interested in the concept of space habitats that can be constructed using locally available resources.

Melodie Yashar's work as a space architect highlights the importance of considering human factors and sustainable design principles in the development of habitats for long-duration space missions. Her designs strive to create environments that are not only functional and technologically advanced but also promote the psychological well-being of astronauts.

Overall, Melodie Yashar's contributions to space architecture have helped advance the field by pushing the boundaries of design thinking and bringing interdisciplinary collaborations to the forefront of space exploration.

If you want to meet and learn from Ms. Yashar you should consider enrolling with TU Wien's Academy for Continuing Education Executive MBA Space Architecture starting in Ocotber.

Melodie Yashar