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Smart Industrial Concepts of the NextGeneration – Workshops at TU Wien

On March 13 and 14, 2023, workshops for the PhDs of the doctoral college NextGeneration Smart Industrial Concept! (SIC!) took place at TU Wien.

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The PhD students of the doctoral college NextGeneration SIC! each work on their own dissertations - at the Institute of Energy systems and Thermodynamics of the TU Wien, at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), and at the University of Leoben (MUL). What do the six PhDs have in common? They are all working on solutions for the energy and industrial systems of the future - and they are part of the same cooperative PhD program.

Individual research, common solution

In order to focus on the mutual aspects of their respective questions, the PhD students met on 13 and 14 March 2023 at the premises of the IET. In two workshops, led by PostDocs Felix Birkelbach (IET) and Gernot Steindl (Automation Systems Group of TU Wien), the PhDs worked out their individual research questions in more detail - in order to be able to devote the second day to the overlaps and commonalities in topics and methods.

One hand cannot tie a knot…

…and one single doctoral thesis will not revolutionize the industrial energy system of the future. In order to work together on urgently needed solutions for decarbonized, digitalized industry and energy supply in Austria, the collective effort of many is required. Small parts of this solution are developed by the PhDs in their respective work - and a larger part is worked out by the emerging collaborations of the research and industry partners behind them.

In this way, all partners want to weave a network from individual knots, with which a safe, productive and sustainable industry and energy supply can be spanned across Austria.

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