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Interview with Senior Scientist Robert Kalasek

ORF interviewed Senior Scientist Robert Kalasek from SRF on the topic of "Heat - what really helps? The report was broadcast on 13.06.2022 and is now available for 7 days.

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Docu & Reportage | Theme Monday - Heat - what really helps?

"The annual onset of summer, unlike in the past, is no longer all good news for many people. Especially in more densely built-up areas and on upper floors, the heat can make living uncomfortable for months. Cities and municipalities outdo each other in measures to curb warming, such as greening house walls or water curtains on pavements. But is that really enough? And are we really using the existing greenery as carefully as the climatic conditions demand? In Austria, green areas are generously sealed for infrastructure projects, but also for new private buildings. These spatial planning issues are in the hands of the respective mayors, and things develop in a correspondingly unregulated manner. While symbolic trees in Vienna's inner city have been expensively transplanted instead of being felled, one has the impression that building and sealing in some federal provinces has a completely different dimension. In Villach, for example, the national target for maximum soil sealing is clearly exceeded." (Source:

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