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Open Repositories 2024: Empowering Open Access

Max Moser and Sotiris Tsepelakis from the Center for RDM joined the Open Repositories 2024 conference in Gothenburg. The event brought together experts from around the globe to shape the future of open science and repository management.

The photo shows the title slide of a presentation projected onto a screen. In front there are three people with microphones and a row of tables with chairs.

© Guillaume Viger

Jonas Gilbert (University of Borås), Maximilian Moser and Sotirios Tsepelakis presented in the developer track.

The Open Repositories conference, opens an external URL in a new window aims to push the boundaries of open access and enhance the infrastructure for managing and sharing research outputs. This annual event brings together leaders in repository development, scholarly communication, and open science to collaborate and share best practices.

This year’s conference took place from June 3rd to 6th, 2024, in Gothenburg, Sweden and attracted over 400 participants from around the world. Among them were researchers, librarians, developers, and policymakers, all eager to contribute to the evolving landscape of open repositories.

Workshops and Sessions

Attendees engaged in a series of workshops covering various aspects of open repositories. Our team participated in the InvenioRDM workshop, addressing participants' questions and providing hands-on assistance with the installation of the InvenioRDM repository software.

Developer Track: Our presentation

Our developer team was proud to present our VRE Repository Connector, opens an external URL in a new window, a tool designed to streamline the integration of Virtual Research Environments (VREs) between InvenioRDM-based repositories and DBRepo, opens an external URL in a new window. The presentation highlighted several key benefits of the connector. The connector suggests a repository without extra effort for researchers, making the process seamless and automatic. Additionally, it eliminates unnecessary file downloads to researchers' laptops, enhancing efficiency and security. By saving data directly in the repository, the connector promotes FAIRness and reproducibility, ensuring that data management aligns with best practices. The audience responded positively, showing keen interest in the potential applications and benefits of the VRE Repository Connector.

Networking Opportunities

The conference also offered plenty of networking opportunities. Social events, including a welcome reception and a gala dinner, allowed participants to connect, share experiences, and forge new collaborations.

Looking Ahead

The Open Repositories 2024 conference highlighted the vital role of repositories in the open science ecosystem. The insights and connections made during the event will drive future advancements in the field. As the conference concluded, participants left with a shared vision for the future of open repositories.

Many thanks to the Chalmers Library/Department of Communication and Learning (CLS) and Chalmers E-Commons/Chalmers Data Office for hosting this year's event!


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