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New in our team: Software Engineer Florian Wörister

We have new colleagues that we would like to introduce here, bit by bit. Florian Wörister has been working at the Center for Research Data Management since July and has become a freshly graduated engineer a few days ago.

Photo of Florian Wörister playing the guitar

Nevertheless, he continues to study alongside his work. We cant't wait to see whether and how his studies of instrumental and vocal pedagogy will be reflected in his future work at the TU Wien.


Florian has been hired as Git expert for the work package "Next-Generation Repositories" (AP3) within the FAIR Data Austria , opens an external URL in a new windowproject funded by the BMBWF. He is happy to patiently answer questions about the service TUgitLab and currently developing the workshop "GitLab for Beginners". The workshop is expected to take place for the first time on April 6th 2021 as part of the TU Wien's internal continuing education program.

Florian hopes to further deepen his knowledge in the area of training next year by participating in a Carpentries, opens an external URL in a new window training together with colleagues from partner universities in the project. As team colleagues, we can confirm that he is already able to prepare technical knowledge in a way that is understandable for non-tech people as well.

Authentication Services

Florian is not only teaching and advising, of course he is coding as well. Currently, his main topic is the connection of the Aconet Identity Federation with the authentication solution of TU Wien-services. Through such a connection, services of the TU Wien can be opened to members of other Austrian universities. This is particularly of interest for services that foster cooperation or benefit from a wider reach, such as the planned research data repository of the TU Wien. On the topic of authentication, Florian works closely with our colleagues in the digitization project Austrian Data Lab & Services, opens an external URL in a new window.

Welcome to the team, Florian!

For curious people: Florian’s diploma thesis

Wörister, F. (2020). Persistent Identification and Referencing of Evolving Research Data in Computational Experiments., opens an external URL in a new window


Florian Wörister
TU Wien
Center for Research Data Management
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