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MSc Renewable Energy System was chosen and awarded for „17 und wir“

"17 und wir" award

In 2015, the United Nations' largest planning and consultation process produced the 2030 Agenda for Global Sustainable Development and was adopted unanimously by all 193 states. At the heart of this agenda are the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

However, global goals can only be achieved if they are supported by concrete, local and regional activities. As a result the goal of the SDG competition started by “Klimabündnis” is to shed a light on these activities. There were 54 submissions in Lower Austria in 2018 - a great sign that a multitude of actors are taking steps in the right direction. Participants were asked to submit large and small sustainability projects from communities, schools, companies, parishes, regions and initiatives. The content of the submissions ranged from sustainable agriculture to initiatives for the careful use of resources and socio-economic projects.

We congratulate the winners and look forward in parallel to the fact that the submission of the energy park, the international master course "MSc Renewable Energy Systems" was also selected by the expert jury.

From 19 to 28 September - around the SDG anniversary - the Climate Alliance organized a sustainability tour, which stopped by at the energy park Bruck / Leitha on the 28th of September. During this very pleasant visit, where Bruck’s mayor Gerhard Weil and vice mayor Roman Brunnthaler and Leaderreg-Manager Gabi Preisinger were present, the award for the MSc Renewable Energy Systems was awarded to the Energiepark. The handover was made by LAbg. Bgm. Gerhard Schödinger. Norbert Koller and Michael Hannesschläger, employees of the Energy Park and both graduates of the MSc program, accepted the award.