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Info-Mail 02/2022

Internal settlements via SAP Services, De minimis declarations - Vienna Convention Bureau subsidies, Amazon Business Account – timely recording, Donations and Sponsoring


  1. Internal settlements via SAP Services
  2. De minimis declarations – Vienna Convention Bureau subsidies
  3. Amazon Business Account – timely recording
  4. Donations and Sponsoring

1. Internal settlements via SAP Services

We are pleased to inform you about our next digitalisation step. Since 1.7.2022, it is possible to apply for internal settlements via SAP Services.

Workflow process:

  • Internal settlements can be found in SAP Services under the menu item "Finance".
  • Completion of the application by the requesting unit and start of the workflow.
  • Checking of the request and completion of the internal order by the administrator of the paying organizational unit
  • Release of the authorised person of the requesting organizational unit
  • Release of the authorised person of the paying organizational unit
  • Checking and posting in SAP by Quästur

We would like to point out that the PDF form for internal settlements will only be available on the Quaestor's website until 31.8.2022 and will only be processed until this date. From 1.9.2022, only the digital process via SAP Services will be possible.

Documentation can be found on the website at innerbetriebliche Verrechnung über SAP Services, opens an external URL in a new window

2. De minimis declarations – Vienna Convention Bureau subsidies

Since 1 July 2022, submissions for the "Vienna Meeting Fund 2022-2024" are possible again. De minimis declaration may not be submitted to the Vienna Convention Bureau for event applications under the "Vienna Meeting Fund", as events in the research area of TU Vienna are generally of a non-economic nature. This procedure was agreed upon by the TU Vienna with the Vienna Convention Bureau, whereby the Vienna Convention Bureau reserves the right to check the non-economic nature of the events.

3. Amazon Business Account – timely recording

Please note that the payment term at Amazon is 30 days and that incoming invoices must be recorded within this period. A delay in payment restricts the functionality of the entire account and outstanding credits cannot be requested by the bursar.

In case of repeated payment default, the ordering person's access must be blocked.

Further information can be found under Amazon Business an der TU Wien, opens an external URL in a new window

4. Donations and Sponsoring

A donation is a contribution without the recipient being obliged to provide anything in return. The main motive of a donor is to promote and support the recipient of the donation. The possible obligation to allocate donations to an agreed purpose does not constitute adequate consideration.

Donations are processed exclusively by the Fundraising Department:
Spendenkonto und Spendenbestätigung, opens in new window

Sponsorship is a reciprocal transaction in which the sponsor provides money, material resources, services or know-how and the sponsored party undertakes to provide a service in return. The sponsor usually receives a communication and advertising service in return for his contribution.


  • Sponsorship requires a contractual agreement. The sponsorship contract must precisely define the services and counter-services. The sponsorship contract must identify the university as the contractual partner and must usually be concluded in writing before the donation is accepted.
  • When entering the outgoing invoice for sponsoring, a written document (contract, agreement, ...) must be uploaded to SAP Services.
    If advertising services are included in the sponsoring contract, advertising tax must be paid.

Advertising tax (Werbeabgabe):
Advertising services are subject to advertising tax if they are provided in Austria against payment. The assessment basis for the advertising levy is the remuneration under VAT law that is invoiced to the client; the levy amounts to 5% of the assessment basis.

Advertising services must be stated separately in the sponsoring contract and in terms of amount or percentage.

Examples of advertising services:

  • the publication of advertisements in printed matter within the meaning of the Media Act (print media)
  • the publication of advertisements on radio and television
  • the toleration of the use of areas and rooms for the dissemination of advertising messages (renting or erection of poster areas, stands, showcases and the like)
  • placement of the sponsor's company name/company logo on letterhead, invitations, programmes or other printed matter
  • Placement of a company banner or poster of the sponsor
  • Placement of stickers

Advertising on the internet is not subject to the advertising tax.