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Empowerment Through Education: An Interview with Vera Baltzarek

Executive MBA alumna Vera Baltzarek about the importance of further training and support for women in management positions.

How important is continuous education for women?

Expanding our horizons and skill set is critical for everyone, impacting career advancement significantly. Though challenging, part-time education enriches us, allowing immediate application of newfound knowledge.


How can companies better support women, especially those aiming for leadership roles?

Forward-thinking companies will offer and fund education and mentoring programs for women. Sensitization to gender stereotypes and implementing quotas for leadership roles can spearhead this change. Enhanced leadership diversity fosters holistic thinking and empathy, enriching the organizational culture.


What advice would you give to your younger self about career advancement?

Believe in your capabilities. Be bold in presenting your strengths. Embrace Bertolt Brecht’s ethos: ‘Who fights, may lose. Who doesn't fight, has already lost.' Remain curious and never stop growing, both personally and professionally.


Vera Baltzarek

Vera Baltzarek, MBA, opens an external URL in a new window, is Senior Key Account Manager ÖPNV at the Österreichischen Postbus AG as well as alumna of the Executive MBA General Management.

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