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Moving the future with ETIA: Sustainable mobility as (potential) disruption

Adrian Frey - ETIA alumnus, mobility innovator, climate reality leader and father of 2 – gave a talk for the current MSc ETIA students.

[Translate to English:] A. Frey + ETIA14

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[Translate to English:] Adrian Frey

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„What did YOU do, while the world could still be saved?“ 

I want to have a damn good answer, when my kids turn to me one day and raise such a question. A similar urge of driving climate action forward and questioning the status quo is uniting many people of our times: It is my sincere pleasure to regularly meet some of these great minds while joining our ETIA students for my guest lecture on sustainable mobility, since several years already. They inspire me, for progress, for hope, for success. And I seek to inspire them to do the right things, right. And to do them NOW. 

I love quotes in general, and this one by Gustavo Pedro, former major of Bogotá, says it to the point for our mobility patterns and my goal:
„A developed society is not where poor drive cars, but where the rich use public transport.“ 

You are still reading? Thank you! Now, let’s continue showing the world that our generation - and our future - is better than its reputation! 

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