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December 02, 2019 “Data-driven Digitalization of Lufthansa” – Great guest contribution by Alin Kalam in the course of the Executive Course "Digital Transformation Manager"

[Translate to English:] Digitalisierung in der Flugindustrie Bild

Last weekend, we welcomed Alin Kalam, Strategic BI & Analytics Lead Lufthansa Group, at TU Wien as our guest speaker. In the course of the Executive Course "Digital Transformation Manager" Alin gave our participants exclusive insights into the data-driven digitization projects of Lufthansa Group.

He talked about the goal of creating a flexible data ecosystem that would enable innovation. Big challenges here are data quality and furthermore handling big amounts of real-time data. As a long-term strategy, the airline group wants to build its own data competence and a sustainable knowledge transfer across all levels through the establishment of a data governance and the use of digital expert teams. Thank you Alin for your interesting talk!

Alin Kalam is a technology evangelist and speaker at many events and international conferences. He also passionately teaches at universities in the field of analytics, big data and digital transformation. Alin has 10 years of experience in the finance and technology sector and his current position as Strategic BI & Analytics Lead at the Lufthansa Group / AUA enables him to present exciting aspects of digitization from a management and operational perspective.