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Coronavirus – Update: Teaching and examinations

Update on teaching and examinations in the summer term 2021.

 Corona-News Update: 01.02.2021

We look back on an extremely unusual and serious year 2020, which demanded extraordinary things from you and us. It was extremely challenging, the entire TU Wien was confronted with many new aspects in teaching due to the changeover to Distance Learning as a result of Covid-19.

Contrary to hopes, the situation has not yet eased sufficiently, which is why teaching for the remaining academic year 2020/21 will also be carried out in distance mode wherever possible. Below are the most important points regarding the process for February and the summer semester 2021:

February 2021

Due to the latest developments regarding Covid-19, what we feared has now come true. The scheduled face-to-face exam dates will have to be changed to an alternative online format very quickly - wherever possible. There will be a few exceptions which, due to special circumstances, will be conducted in presence with the approval of the Rectorate. If you are unable to attend such a face-to-face exam, please contact the course instructor with your reasons.

During the lecture-free period in February, there will be no examinations from 13.02. to 17.02.2021.

Summer semester 2021

As already indicated, the summer semester 2021 will be planned in a distance format similar to the winter semester 2020/21. However, due to current developments, the decision had to be made that this time the courses of the first academic year, which were still held in hybrid mode in the winter semester - as long as possible - must now also be held online. This will also improve plannability in the long term and minimise the mixing of face-to-face and distance teaching.

This results in the following situation:

  • All courses and examinations will again be held in a distance learning format, if possible.
  • The compulsory courses of the first year of study will also be held online.
  • There will be justified exceptions, but these must be approved by the Rectorate and supported by the TU Wien Occupational Health Service in their implementation.
  • If you attend a face-to-face appointment, we ask you to bring your own FFP2 mask and scan your entry via QR code when entering the buildings to allow contact tracking. The scanning option is now also available directly in the lecture hall.

As we would like to know how you have fared over the past year with the change to an online format,  we ask you to take part in the Distance Learning survey, opens an external URL in a new window. The survey will run until 15.02.2021 and will then close automatically. The results will be used, among other things, for the further development of Distance Learning and will also be incorporated into the planning of the 2021 summer semester and the associated guidelines and scenarios.

A general note: For data protection reasons, please only use your TU Wien student email address for enquiries and correspondence relating to study law.

We would also like to thank you very much for the many messages in the mailbox for studyability - in this way you provide the vice rector for academic affairs, the Distance Learning team, the deans of academic affairs and the lecturers with valuable information about your situation - we make every effort to make the best possible use of this information and to react quickly where necessary. We have also noticed that the majority of the lecturers are making an above-average effort and are trying very hard to ensure fair study conditions.

Despite all the difficulties, we wish you every success in these difficult times!