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2nd AACII and TU Wien Expert Talk Vienna 2024

This year's Expert Talk on "Future Climate-friendly Aircraft and Propulsion Systems" was jointly organized by Trapp Networks (AACII) and the Institute of Engineering Design and Product Development at TU Wien.

Group photo of the event participants

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2nd Expert Talk AACII and TU Wien 2024

The event in the Kuppelsaal on Karlsplatz enabled the exchange of the latest scientific findings, progress and developments in the field of climate-friendly aviation for experts from the aviation industry, representatives of the BMK, the FFG, industry associations and members of TU Vienna.

The event was moderated by Ulrike Trapp and Prof. Michael Weigand. The first presentation by Prof. Martin Berens on innovative aircraft system technologies and their integration provided an overview of the numerous projects in which the Aircraft Systems Research Group is involved. These include the reduction of propeller noise emissions from Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft, the development of preliminary aircraft design software for existing and unconventional aircraft concepts and the development of a propulsion system for hydrogen-electric commercial aircraft with a focus on the recuperation of waste heat from fuel cells to increase thrust and thus improve specific system performance.

In his presentation on future propulsion systems, Prof. Michael Weigand pointed out the current challenges and presented gearbox-based solutions for helicopters, tiltrotor/tiltwing aircraft and large passenger aircraft that can contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in aviation. In addition to variable-ratio rotorcraft transmissions, the research department is working on the further potential of geared turbofan technology and is developing the propeller gearbox for a hydrogen-based fuel cell drive as part of Clean Aviation. The safety of helicopter gearboxes is another field of work.

Finally, Prof. Carsten Gachot gave an insight into the potential of tribology to reduce friction and wear in aviation and thus to reduce environmental impact. The approaches for efficient and reliable energy and emission saving potentials in aviation explained in the specialist lectures show the extensive portfolio of research activities carried out at TU Wien in relation to this industry.

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