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Three young scientists in the laboratory.

Researchers at TU Wien have developed a new concept to convert thermal energy into electrical energy more efficiently. Energy losses can thus be minimised.

Portrait Jens Schneider

In its session today, the University Council of TU Wien unanimously elected Jens Schneider as the new Rector of TU Wien from 1 October 2023.

On the left, there is a star shaped structure with cells in the center. On the right, these cells have grown from the center of the structure into the spikes of the star.

When biological tissue is created in the laboratory, nothing should be left to chance: At TU Wien, a method was developed to guide individual cells to the right place with…

Three men in the lab: From left: Georg Schitter, Philipp Thurner and Mathis Nalbach

Researchers at TU Wien have developed a novel method that is suitable for the mechanical tensile testing of micro and nanofibres. The special feature: Samples can be…

dark lab with experimental equipment
© Laurent Thion, ILL

An old "flaw" of the famous double-slit experiment has now been corrected at TU Wien in a cooperation with Hiroshima University: A single neutron moves along two paths…