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Information about Corona at TU Wien

On these pages you will find information about the regulations regarding the the Coronavirus at TU Wien. Please help to minimize the risk of infection with your behavior.

Safety and Security Measures

All members of TU Wien must comply with the already known safety and security measures. These are keeping the minimum safety distance, wearing of a protective mask in the public areas at TU Wien and the general hygiene regulations. The regulated entrances and exits to the buildings will continue to be maintained.

In order to be able to guarantee effective contact person management at TU Wien, it is planned to record the access to the buildings of the TU Wien by a central electronic system. Members of TU Wien will be informed in good time about the date of implementation (probably the end of September). Until then, the knowledge about the persons present will be the sole responsibility of the respective managers. Details on contact person management at the TU Wien are in preparation.

These regulations apply at all locations of the TU Wien. Since the work situations at the institutes and central departments are very different, an all-fitting guideline is not possible. Therefore, everyone is requested and encouraged to act in accordance with these precautionary measures, even if this means a change from conventional habits. We rely on the solidary agreement between all members of TU Wien to give top priority to the protection of the health of all members of TU Wien.

Binding Specifications

The most important protective measure against COVID-19 infections is a safety distance of at least 1 meter. The minimum distance between workplaces in offices, laboratories and workshops is 1,5 meters.

This regulation applies to all general premises, such as entrance areas, staircases, lifts, corridors, social, sanitary and meeting rooms, as well as to all institute-specific work areas and rooms, such as offices, warehouses, laboratories and workshops and other workplaces.

Wearing mouth and nose protection masks (MNP masks) is mandatory when entering a building of the TU Wien, in corridors, elevators and areas with customer contact. Masks will be provided at the designated entrances if required. With a view to sustainability, it is recommended to bring and use your own MNP mask. In general premises - for example in social rooms - the wearing of an MNP mask is mandatory if contact with other persons is very likely and it cannot be ensured that the necessary safety distance is maintained.

Wearing MNP masks in work rooms is mandatory if there is more than one person in the room and the 1.5 m distance cannot be maintained continuously in offices, laboratories and workshops etc.

Regular, thorough washing of hands with soap is one of the basic hygiene measures.

The regular cleaning or disinfection of door handles, railings, lift buttons, intercom systems and surfaces is ensured by employees of the GUT cleaning service unit. For an individual need of disinfection measures at institutes or in service departments (door buckles, telephone receivers, keyboards, folders, displays or operating elements of devices, printers and copiers, ...) both surface and hand disinfectants are made available to the individual research unit or research groups and service units or groups.

You can find further details on the Safety and Security Measures, opens an external URL in a new window site in coLab.


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