Möbius, opens an external URL in a new window is a testing and assessment system based on the computer algebra programme Maple, opens an external URL in a new window. Möbius has been in use at the Vienna University of Technology since 2007, first in the Mathematics Harmonisation Course, opens in new window, then in mathematics courses for various technical and scientific fields of study, right up to courses in modelling and simulation. Furthermore, it is already used in some courses of the Bachelor's programme in Electrical Engineering.

The learning platform can be easily integrated as an external tool via TUWEL, opens an external URL in a new window and is linked via an LTI connection (Learning Technology Interface). Assessments can be set in Möbius as well as in TUWEL, which, in combination with prerequisites, offer several application possibilities in everyday teaching and learning. For example, intermediate tests are processed, the completion of which is a prerequisite for being allowed to take a final exam.

Möbius is also used for exams and examinations. The system offers a "proctored browser" setting for this purpose, which prohibits students from using the PC for other purposes.

Apart from that, weekly homework can also be done with the system. Extensive collections of examples are available to students for independent practice. All this is made possible by automatic assessment and individual feedback through the system. Either a classic 1:1 check is possible, but more complex expressions such as integrals and differentials, sets, vectors and matrices can also be assessed.

The learning platform offers different types of tasks:

  • classical question-answer tasks
  • adaptive tasks that react to (wrong) answers given by the students
  • multiple and single choice
  • And some more.

In addition to the Testing and Assessment situations, Möbius also offers so-called Mathapps. These are integrated Maple files that visualise simple and complex issues and allow the dependency of parameters to be studied. The learning of some lecture contents can thus be supported visually in a simple and playful way.

Libraries developed at the TU make it possible to easily change example data by means of randomisation, so that each call provides new example data. This increases the students' practice effect enormously and is used in particular to prepare for tests and exams.

The research group IMMTL at the Vienna University of Technology is responsible for the development and maintenance of the TU Libraries of the Möbius instance, as well as for the introductory support and getting to know the system in-house. In addition, the department is the first point of contact for questions and problems with Möbius, and further support is available from DigitalEd, opens an external URL in a new window and MapleSoft, opens an external URL in a new window.