Frequently used tools

TU Wien's central platform for semester planning and information on courses

TISS is the central campus software of TU Wien, in which numerous digital processes and relevant information are made available. Organisational points (e.g. the TU Wien address book) and teaching-related information (curricula, course announcements and registrations, certificates) as well as research-relevant data are stored here. Registration for courses takes place via TISS, as does registration for examinations and retrieval of certificates. Further information on TISS can be found on the help page: TISS Help for Students.

Overview of courses in TISS

As in the previous year, some courses are organised in online format.

An overview of all courses at TU Wien can be found in TISS. The format of the course can be found directly in the course description. An icon in the curriculum overview shows whether a course is held entirely in distance learning format.

Timetable view in TISS

A timetable can be called up in TISS for each semester of a degree programme, which contains all time-bound dates for courses in the selected semester. This view makes it easier for students to select their courses without overlaps.

All dates planned for a course that are time-bound in any way - regardless of whether they take place in person or online - can be seen in the timetable view in TISS.

The timetable view in TISS is activated by selecting the relevant degree programme in TISS to display the curriculum. There you can switch to a semester view.

The central tool for digital teaching at TU Wien

TU Wien uses TUWEL, the learning management system based on the open source software Moodle, as a central tool for organising courses. With this platform, it is possible to carry out a wide range of tasks in the areas of classroom, online and hybrid teaching. The following activities, among others, can be realised very well with TUWEL:

  • Communication with students
  • Provision of learning materials (course recordings, scripts, supporting learning resources, ...)
  • Checking learning progress (e.g. with the help of online/offline tests, feedback, ...)
  • Organisation of the course with the help of activities such as group management, etc.
  • Central point for linking other tools that complement teaching

Further information can be found on the corresponding TUWEL coLAB page or in the TUWEL Tutorials course for students:, opens an external URL in a new window


Recording and streaming at TU Wien

The idea behind LectureTube and Lecture Tube Live: Lecturers record their lecture in the lecture theatre and then make the video available as additional multimedia learning material in TUWEL. Or the lecture is broadcast LIVE to another lecture theatre or directly to the TUWEL learning platform.
In addition, LectureTube and LectureTube Live are based on the open source software Opencast and are constantly being adapted to the needs of teachers and students at TU Wien.

Further information on LectureTube and LectureTube Live can be found on the corresponding coLAB pages: LectureTube, LectureTube Live


Online service for web conferences

ZOOM is one of the tools used to hold live teaching events. In addition to its ease of use and good accessibility, the voice and video quality of ZOOM is also very good.

  • Web conferencing tool
  • Recording possible
  • Integrated operation in TUWEL

Every student at TU Wien currently receives a Pro licence. Further information can be found on the corresponding coLAB page: ZOOM.

Comprehensive collaboration tool incl. audio/video chat

This tool is not limited to web conferences, but also offers a wide range of options for collaborative work in small or large groups.

  • Web conferencing tool
  • Collaborative working possible
  • Cloud services
  • Integration of numerous plugins possible

Further information can be found on the corresponding coLAB page: Microsoft Teams.

On the service page you will find a list of currently available products.

These products are discounted for students.